Thursday, June 23, 2005


Education in America

Bush's No Child Left Behind Act drives me crazy. This president latches onto an idea that voters love...mainly that someone else should be held responsible for teaching their kids. He implements this idea to hold teachers accountable. The result is that first, more kids are left behind than ever before because of all the tricks school admins do to make sure many "on the line" kids won't take the test or won't be counted in the score of a school. Secondly, teachers no longer have the power to be creative in their classrooms. They have to show a direct line from what they teach to results on a test. Therefore, gone are all the creative teachers that inspired kids. Third, students are subjected to endless boring drills to improve their test-takling skills. All this results in kids who have learned to hate learning and fear testing. The joke of all this is that the President explains how our country should be technology leaders. Technology constantly changes. In order to be leaders, we need to be a nation of life-long learners. What the President needs to explain is how are we going to be a nation of life-long learners when our kids are learning to hate learning?

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Weird Feelings

I was driving home today, and kept noticing flashes of light. Every time such a flash caught my attention, I would look around for the police car. None were around. Then I saw this guy on a motorcycle on base. He turned around on a one way, and followed me. Not directly though. I would turn and he would go straight. But then, down the way, I would look in my rear view mirror and notice that he had turned around and was behind me again. This happened three times. In an effort to figure out what was going on, I decided to turn and stop, and then follow him. This worked until he turned a corner, and was gone. So I've been left with the oddest of feelings. It's easy to dismiss such feelings as simply drama. But then, how many times have I wished I had listened to my instinct? Besides, I think the two are related. The flashes of light and the guy on the motorcycle.

I truly believe that we see signs everywhere. Sometimes we recognize them and sometimes not. This is one of those times that I am sure I am supposed to pay attention. I just wish I knew what they meant. All I know is that my stomach seems to know more than me; it's been in knots every since the motorcycle.

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Day One...A New Blog Is Born

Today is February 27th. I begin this to get a chance to tell it all. And to send it all out there. I am a graduate student, a mother, a thirty-something wife to a military officier, a daughter to newly divorced parents, and most importantly, a dreamer.

Today is also the night of the Oscars. Recently on Frontline, they showed soldiers just trying to survive in Iraq. It seems wrong somehow to watch the Academy enjoy showing itself off knowing that somewhere across the world, a soldier is just trying to make through the night.

I guess it is important to keep such American traditions going. Our family brought home a new puppy today. A chocolate lab my young daughters named Cookie now shares our home. Our Siberian Husky is a bit jealous...she finds she must share my attention again.

I am working on a dissertation about engagement in online classes. I better get back to it. I am excited about starting this blog. I am excited about returning...

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